Partition walls for offices: depth study of STORAGE WALL


The space inside archives and libraries is never enough ... that's why the partition walls for offices STORAGE WALL  of Vetroin were born. This [...]

Glass furniture for offices: beyond the limits of the material


Who should contact an architect, that has received an important commission from a large company for a new furnishing project? If you want to impress [...]

Glass partition: here you have INWALL


We can finally present the tenth glass partition wall of Vetroin, proposed at the fair Orgatech 2016 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of business [...]

Vetroin at the ORGATEC 2016 trade fair


It's just finished the ORGATEC 2016  trade fair- Modern Office & Facility wass held  in Cologne, from October 25 to 29, where Vetroin obviously was [...]

Glass walls for offices: the family TRUELIGHT


As you already know, Vetroin has 9 collections of glass walls for offices, all different in options and structure, the tenth wall is now on the way, [...]

Interactive glass: the wall becomes a digital whiteboard


The technology knows no limits, if used in the right way it can create something unique and truly innovative. Vetroin, a leader in the design of [...]

Ten years of manufacturing office furniture by Vetroin


Vetroin is a great company that celebrates its tenth year of tremendous achievements in the field of manufacturing office furniture, customized and [...]

Glass walls: the top of range is signed Vetroin


As we already said in some previous article, the strength of the company Vetroin, international market leader in design and construction of glass [...]

Glass Partitions: Vetroin, since 2006 leader on the market


Vetroin is a big company founded in the year 2006 by Silvio Danesi and Maurizio Sacchi, leader in Italy and abroad in the field of glass partitions [...]

Glass with LCD film: transparency, opacity and magnetic field


Between the processing and customizations of Vetroin, a leader in design and manufacture of glass furniture for offices and major companies, there is [...]
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