Monolithic glass walls, what does it mean?


When can the glass walls be defined "monolithic"? In many Vetroin projects we talked about monolithic glass walls, but what does it mean? A wall can [...]

Glass furniture: following his language


The glass furniture of Vetroin is designed and realized to follow the "language of the glass", enhancing all the features and even going beyond the [...]

The glass curtain wall par excellence: INWALL


Vetroin, on the anniversary of 10 years of activity just celebrated, wanted to exceed the limit of matter and has created something truly innovative [...]

Earthquake-proof glass walls: aesthetic but also very solid


Vetroin firmly believes that beauty is not only the aesthetics but also the result of technical performance. What does this mean? Our company creates [...]

The movable interior walls Vetroin


How are the movable interior walls Vetroin created?
Let's start with a great premise, that distinguishes us from any type of competition: [...]

Walls for offices ... in covered wood


We have always spoken about glass office walls, elegant and transparent, customized and processed as only Vetroin is able to do. We thought, however, [...]

Glass walls for offices, the Vetroin style


It is no coincidence if today Vetroin boasts the largest number of glass walls for offices on the market, easily beating all competitors in the [...]

LCD Glass: one surprise after another


The LCD glass is part of the huge catalog of customizations and workings of Vetroin, leading company in the sector of furnishings for offices and [...]

Interior glass walls: the true strength of VetroIN


Why VetroIN has become a leader in the design and manufacture of interior glass walls for offices? In 10 years of activity, he has conquered not only [...]

Earthquake-proof glass walls: safety is a priority


In recent news reports are emerging even stronger the problem of earthquake safety for all buildings, from private homes up to commercial activities, [...]
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