Glass interior walls: 10 years of activity, 10 collections


The strength of VetroIN is the great internal laboratory in which are carried out all the processing of glass, wood and aluminum for the various [...]

Equipped walls for office: two proposals vetroIN


As always we would like to point out in our items, the functionality is as important as aesthetics, so in our projects you will never find structures [...]

Sliding glass systems, part of the furniture VetroIN


Among our technology proposals applied for everyday use, there are definitely sliding glass systems, an integral part of the furnishing projects [...]

Glass partitions: 10 collections signed VetroIN


The VetroIN catalog that concerns precisely the glass partition is so vast that we will be spoiled for choice in proposing an aesthetically beautiful [...]

The mobile interior walls INWALL


Who had the opportunity to know the latest mobile interior walls of VetroIN, the revolution for 10 years of activity and great achievements of the [...]

Customizable glass doors: technology and aesthetics


As we have already said, the point of force in furnishing of VetroIN is the maximum customization of all its elements. We transform your ideas into [...]

A glass furniture definitely special


How many of you are looking for a company to make a real particular project? You are in the right place, Vetroin is the right ally to turn to. We are [...]

Glass with LED and laser engraving


Today we talk about the lighting technology combined with a very special processing of our laboratory: the glass with LED and LASER engraving.Let's [...]

Interactive Glass: how it appears on and off?


VetroIN over the years has introduced elements more and more technological and innovative in their projects of glass furniture for offices, arriving [...]

Sound-absorbing walls: reduce reverberation and echo


Among the many proposals of VetroIN there are also sound-absorbing walls, studied and designed for all those spaces that require a reduction in noise [...]
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