Vetroin sliding doors for the house

[29 Aug 2011]

Do you want to give your office that extra something? Then look no further than Vetroin! Take a look at our extensive catalogue: sliding doors, hinged doors, dividing walls, balustrades, hanging [...]

Dividing glass walls

[22 Aug 2011]

Have you bought a new office? Could your office benefit from some classy, elegant refitting? Then Vetroin glass specialists are what you are looking for. At Vetroin we have a wide range of products: [...]

Etched glass doors by Vetroin

[15 Aug 2011]

Plan to change the furnishing of your old office? All right! Have you ever considered glass? Glass is an elegant and modern material, simply perfect for attracting customers. New technologies [...]

High-quality glass stair rail

[08 Aug 2011]

Glass is an enchanting material. Since ancient times it has been dazzling a human eye, probably, because of its transparence, fragility, or may be stability, reflective capacity or an option for [...]

Glass door Vetroin

[01 Aug 2011]

You have purchased a new office? You are moving your business? Would like to add new touch to your working place to make it more welcoming? Then we would advise you are a really great furniture [...]

Innovative glass laser for homes from the company Vetroin

[25 Jul 2011]

It’s well-known that technologies constantly move forward. Almost every day we hear the news about new inventions and the office furniture industry. This is what Vetroin teaches us, the [...]

Vetroin glass partitions for offices

[18 Jul 2011]

A working place has never been so important, not just because we spend most of our time there, but also because of its critical role in business management. Conducting business requires an elegant [...]

Vetroin sliding doors

[11 Jul 2011]

We are not often so lucky to have large spaces, either at home or at work. Apartments, small offices, generally, not all of us have convenient premises. Here allocation of the interior may be a [...]

Production of office furniture by the Vetroin  house

[04 Jul 2011]

In everyday situations as well as at work, communication is more important than ever. Accuracy, reliability and trust are the essential characteristics to do business in harmony, achieving a [...]

Vetroin dividing glass walls

[27 Jun 2011]

The eye wants its part in everything, even in the workplace. Usually, modern and original ideas such a replacement of walls with glass dividing are rewarded. The settings will immediately seem more [...]

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