An office furniture planning


Is the look of your work settings important for you? Certainly we agree that working in clean, warm, cozy and elegant office makes the work [...]

Office partitions: more space and more style


Very often in the workplace it is necessary to reorganize the interior space.In this sense, offices partitions are an ideal solution for better [...]

A space-saving idea of sliding doors


In all cases where space is of vital importance, it is essential to save it both in office and in home settings. Have you ever thought of doing [...]

Glass doors with a touch of your imagination


If you are considering a new look for your office, start with items that you never thought possible. And by this we mean glass [...]

The office furniture planning with an unusual material


The comfort at the workplace, like as at home, starts with furniture. It's important to work surrounded by the beauty and [...]

How was a glass door born


The furniture industry uses new techniques and  materials that allow you find really unique solutions, products and furnishing elements. A [...]

Design the space with the partitions for office


Even at the workplace, as well as at home, the reorganization of the interior spaces is a fundamental practice to give a new looks to the rooms. To [...]

Glass doors furnish offices too


What is the furniture of your office? Maybe it needs some changes  to save space, creating something more innovative and giving a touch of [...]

Sliding glass doors for your office


Thinking of some changes in the interior spaces of your office? This often happens when it comes to facilities or locations not very functional or [...]

Laser glass, a revolution in lighting


The interior furnishings sector is still growing and is getting increasingly appreciated for a novelty that offers every year. Not only houses, but [...]
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