Novelty for sliding doors

[27 Feb 2012]

When it comes to furnish a workplace or renew it, the most important thing to consider, besides elegance and practicality, is the distribution of internal spaces. In very lbig rooms, it’s [...]

Really unique office partitions

[20 Feb 2012]

When it is referred to furnishing or renewing an office, there are many components that should be taken into consideration, but certainly the style and practicality are among the most [...]

Glass enters office

[13 Feb 2012]

In the furniture sector, there are so many materials that architects and designers use to create the most unique environments. Whether it's home or office, we have a wide range [...]

Characteristics of the LCD glass by Vetroin.

[06 Feb 2012]

You need to furnish a new office? Or you want to renew your old furniture? Here is Vetroin for you, the largest manufacturer of office furniture of innovative technology. What is our [...]

The leader in the office furniture planning

[30 Jan 2012]

Vetroin is a great and unique  company  for office furniture planning in the province of Brescia that uses precious glass as the main production material. Being a cutting-edge company is not [...]

Decorated  glass doors  for homes and offices

[23 Jan 2012]

Office furniture, as well as domestic one, is not a trivial matter. An office also represents itself with furniture and the effect created by furniture. Often a customer evaluates a [...]

Glass doors that furnish the office

[16 Jan 2012]

The work environment should not be just a place of production, business and labor. Of course, this is the main component of any activity, but an office, a company or a studio are also places of life, [...]

Laser engraving on glass

[09 Jan 2012]

Are you changing the office? Are you going to renew your furniture? Are you interested in buying modern and stylish new products? Then Vetroin is the right company for you. Vetroin has its [...]

Elegant sliding glass doors 

[02 Jan 2012]

If you are renewing your office furniture, we invite you to browse the catalogue of Vetroin. It’s a dynamic company specialized in the office furnituire. There are many products that can be [...]

The office partitions

[26 Dec 2011]

We often need to renew not only home settings but also a workplace. After many years of activity it’s very good to give a new look to your settings finding better aesthetic and functional [...]

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