Made to measure glass furnishings: a great success with Vetroin.


The task of an architect who has taken on a project to design new furnishings for the offices of a big company is certainly a hard one. They need to [...]

Sliding doors: made of glass for a special furnishings project.


A big company can only think big...not only regarding investments, personnel or projects, but also concerning the image and the furnishing of its [...]

LCD Glass, technology for furnishings.


Have you ever considered LCD glass for your office furnishings project? Have you ever thought of anything so technological and innovative? Vetroin [...]

Furnishing designs for offices, from dreams to reality.


Vetroin is the right company to turn to if you need a high quality furnishing design for offices, something innovative, original and above all [...]

Glass doors personalized with laser incision, fabric and other materials.


In a furnishing design for offices by Vetroin, everything is made to measure, even the glass doors and made to personal taste. Using glass, a [...]

Glass parapets, for a beautiful optical illusion.


Are you thinking of renewing the furnishings of your office on more floors? What could be more original than choosing glass as your main element? [...]

Made to measure glass furnishings: unique solutions!


Today we're aiming directly at architects, those who work for important companies that require a project that fits their name. Vetroin is the leader [...]

Dividing panels for offices: separate spaces with glass.


Vetroin designs and produces dividing panels in glass for offices...that's right, glass is the main element of all our furnishing projects. If you [...]

Laser incision on glass: maximum personalization.


Always on the subject o fthe maximum personalization possible and furnishings designed to you want to create an enviroment that is [...]

Our production: glass furnishings.


Vetroin is a very big company that produces glass furnishings of high quality, for important companies and offices. Research, study and experience in [...]
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