Glazed walls: from the office a glimpse of the outside


The question that everyone asks us, is: do the glazed walls in the offices influence the mood and performance of the employees? Does productivity [...]

Custom glass furniture: a new way of thinking with INWALL


VetroIN is a very large company that has been designing, producing and installing custom glass furniture for commercial activities and important [...]

Doors in frosted glass: the sandblasting technique


Do you know how to obtain the frosted glass doors? Do you know the technique behind such a decoration? VetroIN can explain it to you, a leading [...]

The colors of well-being in your glass furniture for offices


Today we are talking about COLORS in relation to a renovation or an ad hoc construction of a new glass furniture for offices. If it could seem a [...]

Glass walls for offices: rely on VetroIN


Do you need to build a new important office, make it technological and safe, so taking care of your corporate image in the best way? Generally rely [...]

Anti-seismic glass walls: 38 tests on a vibrating table


The anti-seismic glass walls INWALL would have resisted also the shock of Amatrice in 2016 and even that of L'Aquila in 2009. Yes, the experimental [...]

Sound-absorbing walls VetroIN, the features


Among the many customizations that VetroIN has designed for your office furniture, there are also sound-absorbing walls that can limit the [...]

To create glass furniture VetroIN what does it take?


How is a glass furniture born signed by VetroIN?Our company act as a project partner, together with your architects or persons entrusted to give a [...]

Anti-seismic glass walls INWALL


As always we support in our weekly articles, that VetroIN invests a great deal in the research sector, not only in terms of aesthetics and [...]

Glass partition walls yes, but signed vetroIN


Glass partition walls are the most important part of our furnishing projects for offices and large companies. These are the structures to work on to [...]
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