Glass doors decorated with various techniques from our laboratory.


Are you imagining your new office? Have you asked an architect to propose some innovative and amazing projects to change your image radically? You're [...]

Glass with LED, one of the most requested personalizing techniques.


Glass with LED is one of the possible decorative techniques proposed by Vetroin, leading company in the design and production of furnishings for [...]

Office furnishings, Vetroin’s great impact.


Looking for a company that deals with Office Furnishings that are ultra modern, technological and of great aesthetic impact is not an easy task at [...]

Architects, a good glass furnishings project.


Vetroin is a big leading company in Europe for the production of avant-garde office furnishings. We're talking about extremely particular and special [...]

Interactive glass by Vetroin, very professional.


VetroInTeractive, interactive glass, is a real patent of our company, a unique product in the world, an example of technological excellence. We're [...]

Glass with LCD film.


Glass with LCD film is one of the possibilities of personalization by Vetroin, for the furnishing of your office, alongside printing, laser [...]

Office furnishings project.


A good office furnishings project must be both functional for work purposes and aesthetically pleasing and appealing. It's therefore necessary to [...]

Personalized glass doors, many different techniques.


In Vetroin design projects even the doors can be personalized! That's right, all our jobs are produced to personal measurements, depending on your [...]

Made to measure glass furnishings, a blaze of light.


Have you ever thought of glass as a furnishing element? Vetroin has, in time it has become one of the leading companiesin Europe for this sector, [...]

Glass sliding doors, personalized too!


Vetroin produces beautiful personalized glass sliding doors for the furnishing of your office! That's right, if you need to renovate an office or [...]
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