Glass partition: the advantages of installing such an element


What does it mean to include a glass partition between two offices in a furniture plan? What function does this innovative element have? As you'll [...]

Offices’ furniture: a new project for 2016


Do you need to renew your image for the New Year? Do you have a project in mind for the year 2016 and you want your offices' furniture to also be [...]

Custom glass doors with textile


Did you know it was possible to create custom glass doors? Vetroin is the right company to rely on for the planning of a unique and custom offices' [...]

LCD glass for offices’ privacy


Innovation is one of the most important activities carried out by Vetroin: lab tests on materials, seminars and lectures with the world's top [...]

Light-saving and space-saving glass sliding doors


Space saving and light saving. These are the two great characteristics of some of the most innovative and refined Vetroin's elements: the glass [...]

Custom furniture for the art’s house


Imagine a museum, an art's house and a place where to expose paintings and sculptures; but also a place of creation, with offices for promotion and [...]

Glass parapets for offices arranged over several levels


When we make a plan for an office that is arranged over several levels, we also include the creation of beautiful glass parapets, in coordination [...]

Offices’ furniture planning worthy of a great company


The office's furniture of a great company should be matching the latter's greatness. Image is more important than ever when it comes to companies of [...]

Decorated glass doors: designs worthy of attention!


Who, among you, wouldn't want a completely personalised office? Not only in terms of furniture, decorations and colours... but also for what concern [...]

LED glass: an illuminated design in the glass


The LED glass is one of the works and creations offered by Vetroin. The glass' versatility and transparency allow us to play with lights and to [...]
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