Glass doors that are customisable with innovative techniques


Personalisation is everything for a great and important company. The image makes all the difference, not only in regards to the products and services [...]

Custom glass furniture: rely on an expert team


The offices of important and prestigious multinational firms need furniture that can live up to their names and that are particularly watchful of the [...]

Parapets for offices: when space is arranged over several floors


Vetroin is a huge company that has been dealing in furniture for offices for many years, not only in Italy, but also over the whole of Europe at [...]

Offices’ furniture made with glass; a very versatile material


Architects and interior designers; if a great company requested a plan from you for the furniture of its luxury offices that is both creative, unique [...]

Glass doors with LED: between creativity and technology


Among Vetroin's furniture plans for offices, you'll be able to request some very peculiar personalisations. This company's lab can boast so much [...]

Glass furniture: 2016’s trends


Which are the new 2016 trends, for what concerns offices' furniture? It's time to think about and plan the company's image for the next year; one can [...]

Glass partition: the advantages of installing such an element


What does it mean to include a glass partition between two offices in a furniture plan? What function does this innovative element have? As you'll [...]

Offices’ furniture: a new project for 2016


Do you need to renew your image for the New Year? Do you have a project in mind for the year 2016 and you want your offices' furniture to also be [...]

Custom glass doors with textile


Did you know it was possible to create custom glass doors? Vetroin is the right company to rely on for the planning of a unique and custom offices' [...]

LCD glass for offices’ privacy


Innovation is one of the most important activities carried out by Vetroin: lab tests on materials, seminars and lectures with the world's top [...]
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