Glass furnishings to measure: the structures that we propose


Which company does not dream of having a unique and exclusive furnishing, that makes it always recognizable, even compared to the competitors? Why [...]

Walls with LCD glass: from transparency to opacity


We have repeatedly said that the furniture designed by Vetroin uses glass as a primary element.The elegance of its transparency, which allows the [...]

Office partitions: divide the space in the right way!


Glass partitions for offices serve to divide the environment in various rooms, then to be allocated to employees with different jobs. When you get to [...]

Glass furnishing designs: eco friendly and hi-tech


What are the fashions and trends for the New Year in the professional furniture industry? Is a new design for office furniture what you need? We [...]

Glass doors with LED: a work of impact


One of the decorations and customisations that Vetroin offers you within its offices' furniture plans, are the glass doors with LED.What is it all [...]

Glass furniture for offices


Having returned from the holidays and Christmas celebrations, we can finally be thinking about the new year. We expect great things and great [...]

Laser incision on glass; a work of great impact


One of the most beautiful and peculiar works that Vetroin offers you, is certainly the laser incision on glass. We've got latest-generation machinery [...]

Glass sliding doors within the projects for 2016


During these wonderful Christmas vacations, when we're used to see the cities being all coloured and decorated, the shops' windows being rich of [...]

Vetroin wishes a serene Christmas to all of You


Finally, we've reached the long awaited Christmas holidays... a few hours left, and you'll be able to sit at the table with all of your relatives and [...]

LCD glass: the perfect solution to several situations


Glass + LCD is the caption that you'll find on our website, and it goes to indicate a new technology allowing to opacify glass walls, partitions and [...]
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