Sliding glass doors, between technology and comfort


If you put together the two words "comfort" and "technology", what comes to mind? Vetroin thought about the sliding glass doors to be included in [...]

Glass with LED, one of Vetroin customizations


One of the possible customization offered by our company is the glass decoration with LED. Imagine a furnishing of a big company entirely of glass: [...]

Glass tailor-made furniture for large companies


Probably for a large company to have a glass tailor-made furniture that represents it, is a prerogative. At high levels, the image is important, or [...]

Glass with LCD film: even the design is customizable!


The glass with LCD film is one of the most popular of our production, a technological element that allows for special effects in the environment. We [...]

Glass partition walls with CE marking


Many times we talked about the functionality and the aesthetic beauty of Vetroin facilities for the furnishing of offices, companies, important [...]

Interactive glass, impress with Vetroin, it is possible!


Create and design a furnishing for a large company is definitely not a simple thing. The expectations are very high, the image to be enhanced and at [...]

Decorated doors for your offices


When you think of creating new furnishing for your office, for the headquarters of your company or for a chain of important stores, do not renounce [...]

Glass custom furniture: our customizations


One of the greatest advantages of making glass custom furniture, is the ability to personalize it to 100%. This material is extremely versatile and [...]

Glass Partition, no longer barriers!


The glass partitions are an integral part of our furnishing projects for offices, they are one of the particularities of our creations. This [...]

Glass furnishing project


Speaking of innovative glass furnishing projects, we have often amazed you with stage effects and visual impact of the creations by Vetroin. The [...]
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