Customizable glass doors of Vetroin


Vetroin is a great company that is mainly engaged in designing indoor furniture walls and furnishings for offices and major companies, using mainly [...]

The glass walls of the family HIDE


Today we talk about the extraordinary glass walls of the HIDE family. What is the feature that makes these partition walls for offices really [...]

How are made partition walls for offices Vetroin


Vetroin is a dynamic and great company that deals with the design and construction of partition walls for offices, hotels, shops and showrooms. [...]

Interactive Glass: laminated glass with touch screen film


Vetroin is a very big company that deals with the design and realization of high quality furniture of glass for businesses and important offices. [...]

Glass Partition: modernity, prestige, personalization


A great company, exposed on the national and international market, needs to cure its image not only for what concerns the communication, the web [...]

Glass walls EVOLVINWALL in glass or wood


The glass walls EVOLVINWALL are different from all the others signed Vetroin for the presence of curtain panels, self-supporting in glass and [...]

Glass + LED: a decoration with a special optical effect!


One of the most request processing to our company is glass with LED lighting, a truly exceptional optical effect that allows you to customize the [...]

Office doors sliding or hinged, strictly in glass


Vetroin is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of furniture for prestigious offices, high-tech and innovative. The design and [...]

Furnished walls for office: Solid Wall and Wall Storage


Vetroin is a leader in Italy in the production of furnished walls for office, fully tailored and customized according to customer requirements. We [...]

Partition walls for office: production entirely in the company!


Vetroin is a leader in Italy in the design and construction of partition walls for office made of glass. Founded in 2006, it celebrates 10 years of [...]
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