What are the elements of glass furniture?

Select Vetroin to produce your new glass interior. With the help of our staff you will understand which items can be part of office glass furniture. Besides, you will decide which style you are to give to the space with the new elements.

What does it mean to design glass interior for your company?
We address this question to Vetroin, a company that produces first class glass items of furniture for large companies from Italy and Europe.
Our company will supervise the phase of designing, trying to implement your ideas and bringing to life your desires.
So what elements can be integrated in the new glass interior of your office?
-    Partition walls: simple or decorated, or illuminated by LEDs that highlight the incisions in the glass. With the LCD glass system it is also possible to make partitions opaque, for this purpose an ordinary on/off switch is used.
-    Doors: sliding or classic, can make your office more elegant, allowing greater movement of natural light in the environment.
-    Parapets and balconies: if there are entresols, stairs or raised floors in your offices, Vetroin offers safety elements of glass furniture, or small supports and protections that can be transparent or decorated.
-     - Technological elements: walls with computers, glass with monitor and touch screen inside. These structures refer to the latest technological solutions. They increase functionality and convenience of work in the office.
- Windows and portholes: pieces of glass interior that are more decorative elements than the functional ones. They contribute to the overall style and image of the company.
Vetroin will suggest the best solutions to bring to life your design ideas.

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