Walls with noise isolation: a practical solution to the problem

Walls with noise isolation, not to hear the discussions in the nearby rooms!

VetroIN, a leading company in the design and manufacturing of glass furnishings, has also thought about the functionality and solution of daily working problems within your office, as well as having refined the aesthetics at the highest levels? Absolutely yes. Today we are talking about our special walls with noise isolation.
One of the main problems that we face in the office every day, especially if very crowded, is the noise transmission through the walls, with great discomfort for those who have to listen to the conversations of the nearby room and have to raise the voice to make themselves heard in their own room. But how can this problem be resolved if vetroIN mainly proposes glass partition walls? Our technical department dedicated to research and innovation has studied the wonderful walls with noise isolation and it is through the sound-absorbing panels of great design.
If you are used to classic plasterboard, panels that are interposed between a wall and another or similar solutions, forget everything. VetroIN proposes innovative panels which in addition to absorbing noise to limit diffusion in the environments, aesthetically enhance the division walls with touches of color and particular geometric shapes.
What do you think? Do not limit yourself to the originality of the furniture, if your office is very noisy we will install walls with noise isolation!

Glass partition walls
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