Walls for offices ... in covered wood

The walls for offices Storage Wall are different from other Vetroin collections, that's why.

We have always spoken about glass office walls, elegant and transparent, customized and processed as only Vetroin is able to do. We thought, however, also about a different collection of walls for offices, perfect as a modular enclosure also able to act as an archive, that's how was born STORAGE WALL.
What is it about? The structure has elements made of wooden conglomerate of 22 cm thickness, 50 cm and 100 cm wide, 46 cm deep; perfectly sealed to the floor and ceiling thanks to the base in aluminum and the compensation seals. They are provided with full-height doors or with compartments, framed in glass or blind.
As with all structures signed Vetroin, also these are designed, processed and finished in our internal laboratory, without any external commission. Only in this way we can ensure the highest quality of our walls for offices, without any exception. Even Storage Wall is created in the Vetroin laboratory, our craftsmen work the covered wood and all the aluminum profiles from start to finish.
The collection of equipped walls for offices Storage Wall fits perfectly with all the other glass proposals of the company. Please ask us to prepare a project and a free quote, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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