Vetroin wishes a serene Christmas to all of You

Vetroin awaits you in the New Year for the manufacturing of your custom glass furniture. Best wishes to You…

Finally, we've reached the long awaited Christmas holidays... a few hours left, and you'll be able to sit at the table with all of your relatives and dearest friends: there's nothing better then sharing the holidays and the special moments with the people you love. Vetroin, a company leading in the custom glass furniture sector, gives you its best wishes for a serene Christmas and a very happy New Year.
Between a preparation and the other, an ornament and a Christmas ball: whilst you're rushing for the last presents: Vetroin wishes for 2016 to bring you peace, happiness and many satisfactions, even in the sphere of work. We'll be by your side, step by step, during the creation of a new custom glass furniture for your offices and shops, or during the modernisation of an old headquarter, in order to renovate the company's image.
Now, take a break from work: forget appointments and commitments for a few days, and dedicate yourselves exclusively to the celebrations and to your loved ones. As soon as you'll be back in the office, on the New Year, we'll think of a custom project for you, 100% personalised, of Made in Italy quality. You'll thus be able to see your super-original and technological custom glass furniture come to life.
Again, so many wishes for a serene Christmas to all of you.

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