Vetroin dividing glass walls

The eye wants its part in everything, even in the workplace. Usually, modern and original ideas such a replacement of walls with glass dividing are rewarded.
The settings will immediately seem more elegant and welcoming.
You don’t know where you can get some glass dividing wall? Vetroin, a well-known company in the province of Brescia is situated in Castel Mella Brescia, and it’s just what you need. Its catalogue of glass office furniture is of high quality: glass dividing walls, the latest technology such as glass with LED, glass with LCD film, sliding doors, glass stairs, glass parapets, glass wall mounted containers and many others.

Each product is available in different lines and models.  Are you looking for a glass partition walls? Then, choose the Evolvinwall or Truelight glass partitions. To get any information about the technical differences between the two models you can visit Vetroin official site.
There you will also find glass sheets made using a particularly creative technology: LCD film, for example, or the LED lighting system, or even personalized colour and so on.
Don’t mist the latest offer of Vetroin: laser engraving glass. This technology allows engraving of the phrases or words on the glass in such a way that they seem illuminated with its own light.

Glass partition walls
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