Very specific office furniture for every company

With Vetroin you will find the right solution for the design of your new office furniture. Design your office furniture with our staff, choose the style you want according to the type of your business.

It's true that aesthetics and office furniture are essential elements that give a clear picture of the business and often lead the mind of the customer towards one way rather than another.
Vetroin knows that the first impression is crucial to the customer's choice, so it bases its philosophy on the congruence between the company and the office furniture that you choose.
If you need to design and create a new space or you want to renew it, do not hesitate to contact our staff and proceed with the design of new office furniture that will characterize your office.
Each type of company has to have a well-furnished office to emphasize and enhance the qualities and strength points.
If it's work in the field of art, so it will be the case to conceive and design the furniture for offices as if it were an art installation, with walls and glass doors, may be painted, with inserts any other materials, but if your company works in the technological filed, you will have a really wide choice because Vetroin creates its pieces of furniture with video and touch screens, the strength points of the company.
Exposing your needs to our technicians, you can also decide whether to go to a more elegant and rigorous style (for an architectural company) or to a lighter style, fun and friendly (for graphics and advertising).
Every company has its office furniture, and Vetroin can develop it in the best way.


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