Very comfortable sliding glass doors!

Vetroin designs office furniture with beautiful sliding glass doors. If you want this comfort even in your office, please contact Vetroin!

How many of us would like to have modern sliding glass doors? Many indeed! Sliding doors are very comfortable, they do not need to be pushed or pulled, they open automatically thanks to motion sensors. If they are also combined with elegant glass office furniture, the result is astonishing!
Not only comfort, sliding doors are also synonymous to sophistication and importance, the  office fully furnished with glass elements will create a positive feeling to the eyes of the customer. This result can be reached because transparency of rooms communicates a transparency in the work place, which is crucial to establish business relations.
The environmental benefit of sliding doors is that they can make the rooms larger due to the absence of obstacles or solid walls. The office will appear bigger and much more comfortable, and the customer could take part of any activity.
Vetroin is a great European leader in the design and manufacture of glass office furniture. After a careful inspection we can put on paper our project of the distribution of  spaces, so to optimize what is available. All work is personalized, prepared specifically for the Customer. So, if you want to add sliding doors to your office, contact Vetroin!

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