To divide premises without unnecessary overloading - choose sliding glass doors

Allocation of space is an issue of concern for many people and in many different premises.
If you have no idea how to better divide the space in the office, the house, at work or in the shop, we would advise you sliding glass doors.
Particularly in cases when free space is scarce, sliding glass doors may be really valuable assistance, because sliding glass doors allow saving the space taken when opening a conventional door. Vetroin produces high-quality sliding glass doors. 

These doors are available both mounted to the ceiling and the side glass, the maximum width of both options is 120 cm.
You’ll immediately come to appreciate the advantages of the sliding glass doors, observing them not only in the more efficient use of the space, but also in its lighting conditions. Glass will definitely make it feasible to preserve as much light in the premises as possible.
Sliding glass doors Vetroin will be further mounted on a square or round inbuilt support.
Vetroin produces glass products directly inside the company which disposes of advanced equipment and renders assembling services thanks to efficient personnel.

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