This is how to divide the space with sliding glass doors 

Frequently, we need a strategic allocation of space in the premises, especially in small and poorly operated ones. If we decided to divide the available space, we could make a good thing of sliding glass doors. This is a practical and elegant solution allowing us divide the space and make maximum use of the footage. In fact, sliding glass doors. allow save space needed for opening a traditional door, which is especially valuable when it comes to confined spaces. Sliding glass doors by Vetroin, a company from Castel Mella in the Brescia Province, are high-quality goods.

They come in two versions. You can order sliding glass doors mounted to the ceiling. And where there are suspended ceilings of gypsum plasterboard or quarters, appropriate reinforcement for the door weight will be required. Or you can choose sliding glass doors hinged to side glass. This option has a compact roller system that allows one glass layer slide against the other, sideways. The first door configuration requires a square support, while the others can bear on the round one. Both configurations have a maximum width of 120 cm.

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