The new technology of glass with LCD film

With Vetroin you will choose the best alternative in the design and manufacture of glass doors and walls with LCD film. Exploiting the different diffusion of the light, thanks to the electricity supply to polymer, the glass with LCD film is switched from transparent mode to the opaque one.

A big advantage of the glass furniture in offices is the possibility to change its appearance at will or according to the needs, playing on the greater or lesser degree of transparency.
Vetroin designed glass elements with LCD film that allow you to switch from total transparency to opacity. Our glass with LCD film, used for walls, doors and any other element which we will design together, is composed of two glass sheets with a film. The film, in turn, is composed of a polymer, called PA-LC, and it is formed by liquid crystals.
These have the ability to spread light differently, depending on the electric current. Vetroin then makes the product totally safe, even when providing this glass with a further special film which endues the sheet with resistance and the impossibility to shatter.
Designing the decor of your office, we can think about using some sheets of glass with LCD film to separate the different spaces / offices (open and transparent in absence of customers, and opaque if confidentiality is required), or to put walls that must show or hide something alternately.
If all offices are separated by glass with LCD film, the space will look very vast, with maximum brightness and airiness, but in no time it will be possible to separate all the spaces, creating more reserved workplaces which contribute to maximum concentration.

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