The mobile interior walls INWALL

Beyond the material, to maximize transparency: the mobile interior walls INWALL

Who had the opportunity to know the latest mobile interior walls of VetroIN, the revolution for 10 years of activity and great achievements of the company? Presented in the last Orgatech fair, today they are already among the most appreciated and sought after on the market, unique in their kind.
For those who still did not know them, we are talking about INWALL, mobile interior walls in structural glass outer wire, without glue and without containment profiles in view, the connections between the plates takes place exclusively through the frame and are imperceptible to the eye. A furniture that exalts and enhances the main feature of the glass, that is its transparency, going beyond the limit.
Often the glass mobile interior walls are matched with wooden walls to create the contrast transparency-opacity net that creates a really suggestive and particular optical effect, which can be obtained only and exclusively with INWALL.
Other items and accessories to match these mobile interior walls? Three types of doors all with wall thickness, handles with reduced dimensions to meet the absolute prevalence of glass, patented structural elements for maximum anti-seismic safety, decorations and customizable workings ... what to add?
All you have to do is contact us and ask for a project for your furniture, with these extraordinary mobile interior wall INWALL!

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