The latest technology of laser engraving on glass

Vetroin has been studying the technologies and innovations regarding the use of the laser engraving on glass. Our laser engravings on glass, associated with a specific LED lighting, produce fascinating lighting effects, creating a unique style of your furniture elements.

It often happens to be fascinated by the play of light that can be made with sheets of glass, taking advantage of the ability of this material to reflect and refract.
Vetroin, thanks to the experience gained in recent years, has become a leader in the field of working with glass, it produces items of glass office furniture and, in particular, is also studying the use of laser engraving on glass.
How to get inscriptions that have to look self-illuminated inside a wall or a door? Using a laser engraving technology on glass that composes these elements.
It affects we engrave with the laser on glass, in its thickness, forming tiny cracks that change the structure of the crystal. By combining thousands, hundreds of thousands of these split-points are obtained drawings, writings and what the customer wants.
What is certain is that these marks obtained simply by using the laser engraving on glass would not be visible unless specially lit: with a LED light is sent on the edge of the structure and it gets captured, reflected and refracted from the incision. The result is the "auto lit" image.
A decoration like this, achieved thanks to laser incision on glass can be very useful and especially being able to control the lighting effect and thus making it appear when you need the inscription or the chosen images.
With this technique, Vetroin differs once again for the quality and precision of its products.

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