The laser engraving glass sheets

To update continually the technology and offer new products it’s essential for every company. That's why Vetroin offers you last generation products, creative and modern.
Its latest offer is laser engraving glass sheets. The result of these laser engraving glass sheets has a unique effect: the writing, drawing; the engraved logo seems illuminated with its own light. An original and very effective solution!
Vetroin was able to produce these laser engraving glass sheets thanks to very careful examination of the way in which the light spreads through a transparent material.
If you want to know more about the theoretical aspects of these laser engraving glass sheets, visit the Vetroin site.

Vetroin is a company situated in Castel Mella specialized in the production of glass office furniture. It has quickly become the reference point in the province of Brescia thank to its dynamism and professionalism.
Study its extensive catalogue! In addition to the new technology of laser engraving glass, you will find many other products: glass with LCD film, with LED, with touch technology, personalized in countless colours and effects, and so on.
Don’t forget Evolvinwall doors, partition walls Truelight, and all the rest of the Vetroin catalogue. A durable and stylish world of glass is waiting for with Vetroin.

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