The glass walls of the family HIDE

HIDE, glass walls for offices recessed in the ceiling and in the floor, to increase the monumental scenic effect.

Today we talk about the extraordinary glass walls of the HIDE family. What is the feature that makes these partition walls for offices really special? The full integration with the architectonic casing, this means the ability to recess the upper and lower profiles, respectively in the ceiling and floor. The glass walls HIDE have a thickness ranging between 50 and 100 mm, equipped with aluminum extruded profiles, manufactured entirely within our laboratory. They are also able to accommodate laminated safety glass or glass with wood or fabric between the two plates.
In a furniture project with glass walls HIDE you can also incorporate sliding doors, for a maximum of comfort and for the great visual effect they create. The slide rails are recessed in the ceiling, the framed doors in single or double glass and the sealing gaskets are placed in the perimeter. If you rejected the possibility of installing sliding systems, we offer hinged doors, for single or double shutters, in glass or wood.
What do you think of these glass walls completely customizable? Contact us to find out more about the many possible processing, carried out internally in the laboratory of Vetroin.

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