The equipped office walls VetroIN, functionality and aesthetics

Not only transparency in our projects, functionality is important. Here are our office walls

As we always say in our articles, all VetroIN structures are 100% customized according to the environmental and labor requirements of our customers. Let's take the example of an office.
As we all know, we need spaces to store documents, data, sheets, practices and even spaces for paper, stationery and so on ... if we think of the elegant transparency of glass, we might think that it is not functional at work. But no, VetroIN has created equipped office walls that are nothing more than containers for all your material, which however harmonize perfectly with the interior decor.
Oh yes, we have studied some very interesting harmonic solutions between glass and laminated wood, materials that enrich each other if used in the right way. Thus were born the equipped office walls SOLID WALL and STORAGE WALL. Also in this case, everything is made to measure so your every request will be satisfied.
We invite you to see the images on our website of these two equipped office walls, in order to see the final result, definitely easier to perceive with the eyes rather than in words. For any information or quotes without obligation, please contact us.

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