The elegance for your office with sliding doors

Do you need to renew your office or your company? The first impression is very important, you shouldn’t make a mistake! That’s why choose Vetroin, the leading company in the production of furniture for offices. We recommend you special sliding glass doors that will give you the possibility to embellish your office with elegance and style without forgetting about a great comfort that they will offer. Thanks to the typical transparence of the material sliding glass doors will make an impression of clearness and style that certainly is very important!

Vetroin produces two types of sliding glass doors:   top hung or bottom rolling systems sliding glass doors.
In the first case the sliding door is 120 centimetres wide if there is a  plasterboard or square suspended ceiling in your office we will provide an additional support for the weight. In the second case the sliding door is 120 centimetres long and has a very compact system with a pulley.
Why not to get in touch with us and ask for all the information you need and to get the calculations? Visit our site and look at the images to have a better idea of how your office will look like thanks to the slidings doors and other elements made of glass.
It is necessary to keep up with advanced technology … choose Vetroin and you will not make a mistake!

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