The best solution is furniture made to measure

Made to measure furniture is important to create a serene work environment and make clients feel comfortable

Why decide to save a few euro to buy generic pieces of furniture and then find yourself spending days, or even hiring a carpenter to adapt them to your space? Thinking about it there isn't any saving, in fact, the quality price ratio is much higher if you decide to opt for made to measure furniture for your company.
This is Vetroin's proposal, our company's strong point.
We don't produce generic pieces of furniture, but we furnish and plan made to measure furniture, taking into consideration your workspace, that has unique characteristics.
After a meeting with our clients to understand the wishes and necessities, our staff work to assemble, reduce, enlarge, modify, carrying out with great care the realization of the project of made to measure furniture for your spaces.
The strong point of our furniture is the practical aspect, the technological innovation and esthetic, the latter being no less important as it contributes significantly to the company image from the visitor and  client's point of view.
It's easier to talk, do business or buy, in an elegant, modern  environment, that makes you feel  at ease; this is exactly the goal of made to measure furniture produced by Vetroin.
We study the best solutions possible, the best way to gain brightness, giving the impression of a large airy space.
Don't hesitate to contact us for your project of made to measure furniture.

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