The benefits of our glass sliding doors.

Entrust the decor of your office to Vetroin, choose our sliding doors made of glass. By replacing the old ones with these new sliding doors of glass you will benefit from space, elegance, brightness and absence of noise in your workplace.

The benefits of having the sliding doors of glass in the furniture of your office, instead of the common ones, are varied and related to different aspects:
- The glass sliding doors of Vetroin allow complete circulation of light. This is especially important if there is good natural lighting in the office. The sun's rays always make the office atmosphere be a source of good mood.
- Thanks to the years of experience, Vetroin understood that you save a lot of space, and the environment seems much spacious with sliding doors of glass. The offices, especially if they are small, gain more depth and, above all, you can use all the spaces next to the windows and doors. You don't need to keep some space open to allow opening or closing.
- The elegance is not the last among the characteristics of the Vetroin furniture, especially as regards the sliding doors of glass. Due to their simple line, the sliding doors allow your office to acquire a great added value.
- For those who can't tolerate loud noises, such as doors slamming, our solutions are the right choice; the guides are almost invisible and sliding doors of glass do not produce any noise.
As you can see, our sliding doors of glass are very advantageous. They will help to create the desired image of your company through the office environment and creation of reserved areas for meeting with customers.

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