The office furniture planning with an unusual material

Give a new look to your work environments; rely on completely innovative office furniture planning.

The comfort at the workplace, like as at home, starts with furniture. It's important to work surrounded by the beauty and convenience. Technology, passion, designs, practicalities are the criteria which Vetroin has been applying for years in the office furniture planning, always offering unique and innovative products.
Situated in Castel Mella, the company offers a wide range of partitions, wall systems, sliding or traditional doors and many other items.
The peculiarity is that the office furniture planning proposed by this company is based on the processing of glass. A beautiful, elegant, easy to maintain and material. Working environments furnished with this material will become immediately new and modern.
For the office furniture planning you can count on the possibility of customization. The company, in fact, proposes to realize every product as a result of precise indications of the customer. You can also add the technology such as LCD, the touch screen system or laser to all the glass elements.
Many innovative solutions for professional environments have come as the result of really unique office furniture planning.
Visit the company website and admire the projects and many products and start to imagine a new plan of your office. The office furniture planning with unique and innovative Vetroin!

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