Special decorated glass doors for offices

Vetroin produces, with different techniques, decorated glass doors. If you want these decorated glass doors to be part of your new furniture project, you just need to contact us.

Did you happen to get into an office and feel at ease? Usually it's very difficult.
There are companies, such as Vetroin, that make these reflections the basis of their own products. What are you waiting for? Call us, if you are renovating the space of your offices or are planning it, because our advice and our furniture items could improve definitly the quality you are looking for. Decorated glass doors are products the company aims for, they are details that make spaces more elegant, artistic, functional.
Vetroin has been producing decorated glass doors for years, and has gained great experience, studying and applying the most innovative methods, and our decorated glass doors are really unique, thay may be part of a furniture on demand just for you.
Glass sheets can be screen printed, satin with drawing, worked with the technique of glass-fabric which provides for the insert of a fabric within two glass sheets.
For your decorated glass doors there is also a system of lcd glass which provides interaction with the electricity to pass from transparent to opaque, or Vetroin laser, where through a refraction of light, a decoration that is normally invisible becomes illuminated, the system often used for signs.
You just have to come to our office and choose which of these decorated glass doors you think right for your company.

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