Sound-absorbing walls VetroIN: panels that enrich

VetroIN has created sound-absorbing glass walls for those environments that require silence and privacy

One of the biggest problems of a busy office is definitely the noise. Often, you are disturbed between one room and another simply if someone raise his voice, if there are organized some audio-video presentations, if the number of people inside increases and anything else. How can you overcome this problem? It's very simple, installing sound-absorbing walls.
Generally, the acoustic panels that absorb the noise are not very aesthetically beautiful and they are hidden in the wall or in special bins, have you ever seen them installed on totally glass walls? VetroIN has done this as well. Since the projects of this company have the glass as prime element, with all its elegance and transparency, it has studied and elaborated very special panels, aesthetically suited to the creations of the company, without however giving up on their functionality.
This way the sound-absorbing walls ensure privacy and silence in office environments and the panels will be enrichment elements of great design to be noted for their shape, color and general harmonization. We invite you to browse our website at the page dedicated to these products (in vetroInnovazioni) and please contact us for all the information you may need.

Design panels for sound-absorbing walls

Glass partition walls
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