Sliding glass systems, part of the furniture VetroIN

Sliding glass systems, perfect for the corporate image and for the convenience of your movements.

Among our technology proposals applied for everyday use, there are definitely sliding glass systems, an integral part of the furnishing projects signed VetroIN. What are they? It's very simple, it's all that's behind the operation of a sliding door, but not just any ... one inserted in a completely transparent furniture (or almost, depending on the decorations and customizations) as that achieved by VetroIN.
All 10 collections of glass partitions conceived, designed and manufactured by our company provide the ability to install sliding glass systems such as access between the rooms.
You can choose between glass doors or laminated wood, full-height or standard size, with one door or two doors ... well, so on and so forth. The options and the combination possibilities are so many that will create a unique furniture of stunning beauty, certainly technological and functional to your work and your movements.
The sliding glass systems give even a plus to the image of the company itself, modern and avant-garde as the services or products it proposes. Believe it, the image and the first impression count a lot, if in this office you have to organize important conferences or meetings ... do not underestimate the speech!
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