Sliding glass doors: stylish details for your office

An essential component of furnishing of your office proposed by Vetroin with modern sliding glass doors. Make elegant and modern image of your company with our sliding glass doors.

Does your company deal with technological products of the latest generation? Or does it offer high quality services? Well, if it's your case, it is necessary for the offices or meeting rooms to contribute to the formation of the company's image.
Vetroin, the leading manufacturer of office furniture items made ​​of glass, deals with the design, the construction of partitions and sliding glass doors professionally.
The furniture of this type allows, first of all, to have bright, modern-looking and stylish rooms. Our sliding glass doors move quickly on their tracks, without any noise, helping to give an absolutely unique style to your offices.
Vetroin produces sliding glass doors on demand, according to your needs and the design will be carried out jointly with the customer, and the subsequent implementation will be fast, to carry out your project as soon as possible.
Clear or frosted glass sheets for elegance, or screen printed sheets with inserted fabrics to give a more artistic view, they are only some of the possibilities offered by Vetroin to your sliding glass doors.
Taking into consideration the activity and high-level image of your company, our furniture, treated in details, will be ideal funiture for offices and will contribute to the visual impact of the customer.

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