Sliding doors: made of glass for a special furnishings project.

Personalized glass sliding doors, at the centre of a truly technological furnishings project!

A big company can only think big...not only regarding investments, personnel or projects, but also concerning the image and the furnishing of its offices. As we all know, looks are important, and first impressions count...if you want  to elimate the competition and be avant-garde turn to Vetroin.
This company designs and produces office furnishings completely in glass, putting technology at your service. Within these projects, in fact, you can find interactive dividing panels, glass sliding doors, laser incision, maximum personalization, panels with LCD film on the inside...we have everything. Today we are talking, in particular, about glass sliding doors.
Maximum comodity and practicality before anything else: glass sliding doors are functional for your work. Finding doors that open automatically is very handy especially if you have to move from one room to another quite often and they give an image of importance and stability.
All our glass sliding doors can be personalized with laser incision, fabric inserts or other materials, LCD glass to make them opaque when needed...everything you could ask for. Technology has allowed us to make your wildest dreams come true.
Visit the Vetroin website to see the results of some of our furnishing projects, you'll be amazed! Contact us for a free estimate or for more information about our glass sliding doors.

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