Sliding doors for offices and glass furnishings

Sliding doors for offices, practical and very nice to see…furnishing is the first business card, consult Vetroin!

Sliding doors for offices are very fashionable lately. That's true, and if they are then accompanied by and inserted in a design project for glass furnishings, with technological and innovative elements...the result is breathtaking.
We're talking about Vetroin projects, a company specialized in this sector and with manys years' experience. We use glass as the main element of our furnishings, enriching it with decorations, wooden panels,laser treatment and much more. Sliding doors are an integral part of these projects, they are safe, resistant, rubust and they can be personalized in any way. For instance, if you require privacy during a meeting, you can make the glass opaque with a simple click, thanks to an LCD panel placed between the two sheets of glass. Or your glass doors for offices can be personalized with incisions or coloured designs.
What do you think? Is it what you're looking for? Original, innovative, avant-garde...these glass doors for offices are great to look at and practical too. Your office furnishings and the image it reflects is your first business card, first impressions are essential.
Contact us for an appointment, an estimate, a viewing, a design project. We will be happy to listen to your requirements and suggest the best solution, obviously our sliding doors for offices are inculded!

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