Sliding doors for a new art studio

Personalized sliding doors with inserts, screen prints, etchings and colors for an art studio

If space is a problem in your new art studio, Vetroin will solve it with new and elegant sliding glass doors, a piece of furniture on which the company focuses a lot.
We speak about sliding fixtures that occupy 1/10 of space in respect that traditional opening occupies and they give an appearance of modernity and elegance to the location, perfect for a place of art.
The space you have chosen for your art studio that will hold exhibitions and events is made ​​up of several smaller lounges and you know that to admire some of the works a certain distance is necessary. Well, forget the problem of door opening, use the space fully with our sliding doors.
Depending on the type of an art studio you have in mind, you can choose to customize the glass sheets of sliding doors. You will go from the elegance of a simple sheet to the peculiarities of sliding doors with frosted glass to build passages of light with adequate LED lighting of sheets engraved with the laser.
The fixtures are essential furnishing elements that give image to space. The success will be guaranteed with Vetroin sliding doors.
Get in touch with our staff and tell us about your project idea. Our consultants are at your disposal, they will advise, suggest different options including sliding doors that will compose your new art studio.

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