Satin effect glass doors: privacy and brightness

Satin effect glass doors: more technical to obtain an opaque effect of the glass

Vetroin designs and produces office furnishings completely in glass. Using this precious element the natural brightness of the rooms and the spaciousness of the offices will seem magically increased. This is possible thanks to the transparency of the glass, a characteristic that allows us to play around with this material in many ways.
If you love glass but you need a little privacy, Vetroin suggests satin effect glass doors, that is glass that has been subject to specific treatment to make it opaque. Thanks to this operation the possibility of natural brightness is not lost and the elegance of this precious material is always in the foreground.
How is satin effect glass obtained? There are a few techniques available:
-SAND BLASTING a jet of very fine sand shot by compressed air is used, the grains each provoke a tiny incision in the surface, eliminating tiny fragments. This technique is perfect for irregular surfaces or very large surfaces.
-HYDROFLUORIC ACID in liquid solution or gelatin, applied to the surface. This acid (1% / max 2%) slowly erodes the portion of surface treated and makes it opaque. It is possible to use this also for decorations and designs as the action of the acid can be controlled.
-MICROFRESE (micro milling) expert artisans with a very steady hand can use these instruments to create small, thin designs, with a lot of patience.
For any information contact us. We are happy to prepare a complete project for your offices, including wonderful satin effect glass doors.

Glass door
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