Railings for offices, in the center of attention

Vetroin implements glass furniture projects which also include glass railings for offices. In small spaces, as it often happens today, glass railings make the space much more open than other materials (including the light ones).

While looking for a location for the office or for the new company we can often face some typical difficulties: the spaces are small, or situated on two levels, or you want to add a loft and optimize the space.
Taking into account above mentioned situations, Vetroin decided to produce office railings together with glass furniture.
Our office railings are made of transparent or opaque glass, they are elegant and refined. The company team can adapt railings to different designs, whether the concept is simple and serious or we deal with the more special one. This goal is achieved with the help of decoration, serigraphy and inserts between the two glass sheets.
The stairs and lofts equipped with our office railings will no longer be dangerous or bulky. In fact it is almost certain that wooden railings, even if they are made of light materials, look much more bulky in comparison with glass elements.
Vetroin has realized so many different design projects for companies, implementing structural elements, window crosses, screen technology, office railings. All the time company has been paying particular attention to the quality and elegance of the details which are of great importance as usual.
Do not hesitate to contact us and install our railings in your office to make your spiral stairs more attractive for the clients.


Glass door
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