Precious glass doors for interiors: a question of style

With Vetroin the project and the realization of your interior glass doors will be perfect. Our staff has years of experience in the production of interior glass doors which already make up the furniture in various very important business areas.

By definition, a door is an opening that allows passing from one room to another.
These elements have characterized buildings by different shapes and types throughout the history and often also characterize the architectural style of the period.
Vetroin, is a Brescian company, a leading manufacturer of office furniture items, especially interior glass doors.
Interior glass doors have a very recent history compared to the classic ones that have been domanting and spreading everywhere for centuries.
Sliding glass doors for interiors have many advantages, take up much less space because the opening is space-saving, they are really essential for confined spaces that are increasingly taking; then glass is a very bright material that allows free passage of natural light, reducing the need for plenty of illumination.
Our glass doors for interior spaces are fine pieces of furniture that give added value to your offices: with the insert of other materials or some kind of decoration they can also become the cornerstone of the space.
The style will be created by our staff according to your needs, or your drawings. Knobs and handles (which, as quite few people know, date back to the ancient Egyptians) and locks (invented by Linus Yale in 1848) are now increasingly popular design elements and precious accessories for your office.

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