Partition walls for office: production entirely in the company!

Partition walls for office produced entirely within the Vetroin laboratory, the only company in Italy to offer this.

Vetroin is a leader in Italy in the design and construction of partition walls for office made of glass. Founded in 2006, it celebrates 10 years of hard work and achieved excellent results, even exporting its projects abroad, not only in Europe but also in America and the Far East thanks to valuable collaborations.
But what is the trump card of Vetroin? This company is the only one in Italy to have a huge laboratory where performs all processing of glass (big glass sheets for the walls), aluminum and steel for the profiles, the wood for finishing and coatings. The complete management of the product, therefore the partition walls for office, from the first digital project to the final installation, including all the processes and customizations, occurs within Vetroin.
This means that the company has invested over time many resources for the purchase of ultra-tech machinery able to design the glass-innovations to which they thought our designers. Some examples? The three-dimensional machining of the glass with the laser, the screen printing, the insertion of fabrics, the addition of acoustic panels and more. The partition walls for office Vetroin can be fully customized.
To know more and to learn about our work, browse our website or speak directly with one of our technicians, we will provide an extensive catalog of accomplishments, technical drawings and renderings representing 360° our work.

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