Partition wall in glass: The earthquake prevention

The partition wall in glass INWALL and its earthquake safety: a revolutionary system of excellence.

The earthquake safety is becoming a real privilege for all new installations, especially after the last few months of the great tragedies in central Italy that have filled the news pages. Vetroin, designing and manufacturing furniture for avant-garde offices, invests daily lots of resources and energy in the search for new security solutions that will not, however, limit the aesthetics and functionality.
We make a concrete example, the last glass partition wall presented for the tenth anniversary, INWALL, is a real revolution, which goes beyond the limits of the material itself. The external edge allows to maintain a fully exposed glass surface, without profiles that surmount the sheets of glass. The revolutionary and patented system Vetroin consists in spring compensators able to absorb and attenuate all structural settlings or seismic stresses, therefore it is the forefront from the point of view of prevention. As evidence of this, the glass partition wall INWALL started the process of Marking CE earthquake resistant.
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