Parapets for offices: when space is arranged over several floors

Danger of falling between two floors? Here you have glass Parapets for offices that are safe and certified!

Vetroin is a huge company that has been dealing in furniture for offices for many years, not only in Italy, but also over the whole of Europe at large. We're talking about very important projects; modern and absolutely original, which are perfect for great firms that pay a lot of attention to their image.
Today, let's look at a particular case: if your office is arranged over several floors, it is necessary to harmonise the glass furniture with the safety structure between floors... this how the glass parapets of our company's making come to life! Try to imagine the final effect of a complete glass furniture with some walling parapets for offices... it certainly wouldn't be harmonic. With our safe and certified structures, on the other hand, you won't have to worry about the difference in level. The parapets can also be created in glass!
Vetroin guarantees a maximum personalisation. A logo, a phrase or even a design could be engraved with the laser; serigraphy could be carried out; enlightening with LED could be performed; a matting LCD pellicle could be inserted... everything and even more! To get an idea of Vetroin's work, browse the company's website and look at the images of our recent installations; you'll remain pleasantly surprised!

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