Overview of the glass walls for offices VetroIN

Glass walls for offices, a guarantee of success for large companies

In the realizations section of our website you will find a great overview of the whole collection of our glass walls for offices, all but one, the last one arrived on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of vetroIN activity called INWALL, for which we created an exclusive site, just because it is a real revolution compared to all the others. If you have the task of designing a customized furniture for an important company, you are in the right place, with VetroIN you cannot go wrong!
It starts with "base" glass walls for offices, for separation of spaces, to the most detailed and complex with wooden storage spaces or with very special options. Among all you will find vetroINteractive, a wall which becomes interactive if necessary, by connecting it to a pc and projector, with touch screen film.
If at all we add the endless workings and customizations, the game is done! Your glass walls for offices may be screen-printed, illuminated with LED lights, become opaque by LCD films, engraved with laser and anything else. Please contact the company leader in the sector for business furniture, rely on VetroIN for the construction of glass walls for offices.

Inwall is earthquake-proof
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