Our customizable glass doors

Give character to an office thanks to customizable glass doors of the highest quality

We've said several times that the glass machinery park allows us to work glass plates of any size, from the smallest to the largest. This means that you can customize every piece of furniture, from the entire walls down to the details of the doors. Today we are talking about customizable glass doors.
The first choice of options is the type of door you want: technology with automatic sliding system or classic swing? One or two doors? One or two glass plates? The second choice concerns the customization and endless possible workings. Your customizable glass doors can be engraved on laser, silk-screened, enriched with fabrics or other material between the two glass plates, lit by LED light. In short, anything to give character and personality to the environment.
A large company needs a strong image and taken care of in detail. VetroIN is definitely a fair ally to enhance it in the best way. The customizable glass doors are only one among the many solutions that we will propose within the custom made furniture projects. What to add? Please write to us, without any commitment!

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