Offices’ furniture planning worthy of a great company

Vetroin’s glass furniture planning. A leading company in the sector.

The office's furniture of a great company should be matching the latter's greatness. Image is more important than ever when it comes to companies of a certain prestige and with a great name to defend. Commit you furniture planning to Vetroin, a leading company in the sector across both Italy and Europe.
The main element of our designs is glass. This very versatile, refined and elegant material is the starting point of Vetroin's office furniture planning. When we add to this technology, design, exclusive works and space optimisation, the result gets truly astonishing.
The offices' furniture planning includes partitions, equipped walls, sliding doors, laser incisions as well as other kinds of personalisation, such as interactive walls, parapets... everything. No detail will be neglected. Even luminosity and natural light will be studied and enhanced in the best way possible. Only this way will you receive furniture planning that is worthy of your name and the one of your enterprise. Only with Vetroin will you be able to render your idea practical.
Contact us for further information and to receive a commitment-free estimate. Online, you'll find photographs of our recently created office's furniture planning.

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