Offices’ furniture made with glass; a very versatile material

Offices’ furniture made with glass: Vetroin’s plan will earn you sure success!

Architects and interior designers; if a great company requested a plan from you for the furniture of its luxury offices that is both creative, unique and of a great visual impact ... who would you resort to? With Vetroin, you'd be 100% certain of hitting the bull's-eye and of obtaining some sure success! This company has been working in the furniture sector for commercial enterprises for many years and distinguishes itself for the excellent use that it makes of glass.
You've got that right! Vetroin designs and creates offices' furniture made with glass. It plays with this splendid material that is transparent, versatile, and which allows a unique game of lights and colours. Each of the plans isn't lacking 'a pinch' of technology being applied to the work's functionality (as, for instance, with the sliding doors, or the LCD panels that opacify) as well as to the company's image (the interactive glass that allows one to use a partition wall as if it was PC, with its touchscreen).
Furniture for offices made with glass of a great quality, must be designed and created on custom, whilst being personalised at every step of the work. Vetroin is able to offer you all this and much more. Contact us to speak with a member of our staff, to understand the structures' characteristics, and to request an estimate.

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